New Year's Party 2017

Come celebrate with us on December 31st at the Blackburn Community Centre!

Our theme is the "Roaring 20s" and the doors open at 8 pm. Shuttle available.

Tickets are $40 each and are available at Eastway Esso and the Blackburn Community office.

PG City Endorses Blackburn Bike Park Project!

At Monday night’s council meeting, members of the Blackburn community proposed some upgrades for Blackburn Park. The community has received the go ahead from council to convert the asphalt space into an all-ages bike park. The park is proposed to be completed by June of 2018 and will be 58 metres by 26 metres. The project will be funded by money raised, not from council.

Newly Hired!

The Blackburn Community Association would like to welcome Kristen Scott, our new Facilities Director!

As well, we would like to welcome Rylan Goyer who was hired into our new Yard Maintenance position!